A Half-elf Cleric for the Raven Queen with a Silver Tongue


Being born in Waterdeep had a lot to do with it, yeah that must have been it. Reven had lived there until he was 19, it was nice, his parents where nice, his home was nice, his job was nice but he really didn’t care about nice he cared about excitement. Seeing the ships come into the harbor was excitement, sneaking into bars was excitement, fighting a cage match was excitement, lying to a guards face that was excitement, that he cared about. Reven was very tall even at his young age he stood at 6 foot 5 inches and was able to pass for an adult, half-elves looked young to humans anyway.

After helping his human father repair sailing equipment during the day Reven usually hung out in a bar in the Dock Ward called the Drunken Squall. It had taken a couple of visits to learn what the actual name was because the sign above the door was so weathered that it was almost completely useless. Reven liked that, it was the kind of place you couldn’t find unless you knew where it was or you had stumbled upon it on accident.

No matter the night there was always something going on in the Drunken Squall, whether it was live music, a bar fight or just good conversation the Squall had come to feel like home to Reven. One of his favorite things to do was to scam out-of-towners out of their money by talking them into foolish bets or rigged games. This was more dangerous in the Squall than in most places because the out-of-towners weren’t just tourists or fools but more often sailors coming in from the dock or dealers of one kind or another. Dealers were the big problem because they loved their money more than their own souls, they were crafty enough to be successful and they could hold a grudge until you where alone. This would rarely stop Reven from scamming a mark, he could read people and if he thought he could get their money he would. No matter who they were or what they did during the daylight hours.

Tonight was a big night at the Squall because the owner had just put in a cage to have a fight night in.

Using this advantage Reven bartered passage on ship to the next port in exchange for labor and some money he had tricked a man out of earlier in the bar.


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